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About Me

I have been providing counseling services since 2008 and have a genuine interest in helping others when they feel stuck or overwhelmed by life.  I know how difficult life can be and how there are so many obstacles or stressors that can keep us from living a meaningful and authentic life.  Whether you are struggling with finding peace in a chaotic world or experiencing depression, anxiety or symptoms related to trauma, I will help you gain self-awareness and understanding into what is keeping you from living the life you want and deserve.  I believe we are all capable of healing ourselves with some support and assistance from a trusted individual.
My approach to therapy is client centered and strengths based.  I utilized skills based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as incorporate mindfulness-based techniques.  I also meet clients where they are and find an approach that will work for them. 
I am a Latinx Spanish speaking therapist and I believe that our culture is an important aspect of who we are and is something I take into consideration when working with all clients.  I am LGBTQIA+ friendly.  I believe it is all of our responsibility to stand up for social justice issues in order to create a more equitable community. 
I am also a mom to two young children and know how overwhelming it can be to be a parent in today’s society.  I try to utilize the same self-awareness and self-compassion that I discuss with others in my own daily life.  I love to be outside in nature and take hikes.  I love to read books and write in my spare time.

About Me: About Me
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