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Working with Adults and Children/Adolescents

Approaches and Techniques

I have worked with adults, children and adolescents for over 12 years.  I enjoy working with people of all ages and feel I have a certain approach for each that can help them reach their own social emotional goals.

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Working with Adults

An approach tailored for each client

My approach in working with clients is understanding the areas in their lives where they feel "stuck" and what they would like to achieve in counseling.  I feel as if there are certain things that we, as adults, have to unlearn.  There are so many messages we received from our families of origin and from our society that we need to challenge.  Many of these messages can revolve around our relationship with emotions.  I believe that our emotions are neither good or bad but help guide us and provide us with very valuable information.  I believe we can learn to listen to these messages and make the changes we need to in our lives.  Change can also be a very difficult thing for some people and this process can take awareness and compassion.

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Working with Children and Adolescents

Managing Big Emotions

Children and adolescents can have big emotions and it can be difficult to know how to manage these big feelings.  I feel it is extremely important for children/adolescents to understand their emotions and learn to communicate their emotions to others in an appropriate manner.  It is important for kids to learn skills that can help them feel empowered and capable of handling difficult emotions and difficult situations.  We all want our children to build on their strengths so that they can feel confident and happy.  I work with children through art, books, and worksheets to help them learn more about themselves.  I also work with parents to help them know how to handle difficult parenting situations.  Parenting can be exhausting and it is helpful to have additional support to help navigate difficult parenting situations.

Working with Adults and Children: Services
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